call girls in goa find their websites blocked

Some times the media in goa is reporting about sex tourism, leading to outrage and the politicians to prevent further debate, will ask the police to take action against the call girl websites. So the local media is periodically reporting that the government has taken against some escort and call girl websites asking the ISPs to block them. However the ISP is only blocking the url, and the website owner can let the blocked domain to drop , and transfer the content to a new domain name. So there are a large number of call girl, escort domains which are dropping regularly in the expired domain lists.

Tourists from all over India flock to goa to enjoy themselves as top officials in the government, intelligence and security agencies have a very liberal outlook towards sex tourism , and young women providing sex services to government employees allegedly hold senior intelligence positions in Goa with fake resumes, have great powers . In most places in India, the local community will take action against those providing sex services, however tourists visiting goa can enjoy the services of Call girls in goa without facing any kind of harassment or censure.