Domain registrar termination Updates posted at

The status conscious ntro employees refused to communicate with india’s largest female domain investor, an ugly short woman,a google competitor however they shamelessly misused her name, falsely claiming that the .in domains also belonged to them, when there was no connection at all.
They probably used “our” when referring to the .in domain names of the google competitor creating a major online sex, cheating, job scandal, and causing a .in registrar to be suspended as the google competitor moved her domains to the .in domain registrar
So now the other .in domain investors are posting updates at “” in an indication that the fraud ntro employees made fake claims about .in domain ownership causing the entire fiasco.
These ntro employees led by j srinivasan created the impression that the registrant for .in domain names was a proxy and they were actually paying for the .in domain name, when they had never done so, there was no connection. He also falsely claimed that his darling goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina , providing sex services to top government employees,and not investing any money was owning the domain names of the google competitor to get the sex worker, a R&AW job with monthly salary. The real domain investor is complaining and many are gossiping at ICANN and elsewhere about the brazen sex, bribery racket of the ntro employees shamelessly cheating and exploiting the google competitor.
Someone may have complained and when it was investigated , j srinivasan got nixi to terminate the registrar so that his sex , financial fraud was not exposed