Bribed by google, tata, ntro involved in major domain fraud in India making fake claims of domain ownership

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However as part of the google, tata sex, resume theft racket of paypal account holder, the section 420 fraud ntro employees led by j srinivasan, puneet, vijay, parmar, patel, who have the morals of a gigolo, are making completely fake claims about domain ownership, completely disregarding all financial data and information. These fraud ntro employees who cannot be identified or held accountable by the domain investors who they are cheating, exploiting and defaming are wasting indian tax payer money to dupe a large number of people, companies and countries with their complete lies.
However with their completely fake claims of domain ownership, they are able to get all their lazy fraud girlfriends, relatives, who do not spend any money on domain names, a monthly indian government salary falsely claiming that these frauds own the domain names of the google competitor, defaming her
The hypocrite fraud ntro employees falsely claim to be very honest patriotic indian citizens role models when actually they openly TRADING POWER FOR SEX AND MONEY making fake claims of domain ownership to get their girlfriends, sex partners and relatives a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, a google competitor