Unlike miserly fraud R&AW/CBI/google/tata employees, even the broke greeks are paying a fair price for domain names

The miserly fraud NTRO, R&AW/CBI/google/tata employees are some of the greatest cheaters in the world, refusing to pay even a single paisa or penny for domain names of the google competitor, however they are shamelessly and falsely claiming to own the domain names, to dupe companies, countries and people worldwide and get a monthly indian government salary. This is major financial fraud which the shameless miserly fraud ntro, R&AW/CBI/google/tata employees refuse to acknowledge
Realizing that the ntro employees are extremely ruthless in cancelling almost all the ads sold on her websites as part of corporate espionage, the google competitor is now trying to sell the domain names, so that she can make some quick money, and also reduce domain renewal expenses.
Other seo companies are willing to pay a fair price for these quality domain names, unlike the miserly fraud ntro, R&AW/CBI/google/tata employees and they will not be harassed by the malicious fraud ntro employees, so they can make more money.
Unlike the miserly fraud ntro, R&AW/CBI/google/tata employees who make fake claims without paying any money repeating their lies like parrots since 2010 , domain buyers from all other countries including greece, are willing to pay the market price for the domain names, and get them legally transferred to their account