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Google,tata masterminded domain financial fraud reduces domain names held by indians

Domain names are an investment like any other investment in gold, real estate, the person owning the domain name, has to pay to register and also pay an annual fee for the domain name,
However in one of the most brazen domain financial frauds since 2010, google,tata have bribed the ntro employees to abuse their powers and falsely claim that their girlfriends and relatives, who do not spend any money, own the domain names of a google competitor , a private citizen to get their relatives and girlfriends, lucrative raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary at the expense of the google competitor

NTRO, raw, cbi, indian and goan government refuse to recognize and acknowledge the indian citizens who are actually paying for the and controlling the domain names. They are also making it impossible to sell the domain names to any other indian citizen, misguiding the citizen with their extremely defamatory lies about the domain ownership . These greedy fraud ntro employees are also refusing to pay the market price and purchase the domain names from the domain investor

So the domain investor actually paying for and owning the domain names has very less money, as the investor is defamed, cheated and exploited by the ntro employees who enjoy free sex with google, tata supplied prostitutes and get money from other bribe giving frauds faking domain ownership. Other countries have lower corruption levels compared to india , they are more honest about domain ownership, that money has to be spent to purchase and renew the domain name.

So domain investors, traders and service providers from other countries are willing to pay the market price for the domain names, and the frustrated indian domain investors sell their domain names to non Indian investors trying to reduce the annual domain renewal fees which they have to pay. So because of the endless greed of the bribe taking ntro, government, google, tata employees there is a major decline in the number of domain names held by indian citizens.

The cowardly dishonest indian mainstream media refuses to cover the domain financial fraud since 2010, though it can be legally proved checking bank details,income tax returns.